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Ευτοκία - Σωματείο για την προαγωγή του φυσικού τοκετού


Υποστήριξη και προώθηση φυσιολογικού τοκετού


AGALIA - Protect Unborn Children AGALIA

Help with one call!

Call 901 11 179 179 from home phone you give to Agalia 1 EUR ! Call many times if you want. (You will pay 1,18 EUR for each call.)

More information - how you can help to muthers and unborn children in the site of AGALIA.




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The site to finf the work for freelancers in all the World from your home.


 Greenpeace Greece  Greenpeace is in the Greece is since 1991.  

   Shopping-Therapia - Season products in Greece - SUMMER, SCHOOL, CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR, CARNAVAL AND PASHA.  Wordwide shipping for CLOTHES  - SHOES- BAGS AND ACCESORIES.